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A stunning must see.  A black and white film, full of color.

Not really sure how I even stumbled on this site, but sure glad a did.  Out of all, I chose these to re-post as I loved the red nails on the women who were hard at work at this time.  They are strong and beautiful, and not just because of the red nail polish, but because they took pride in their work and themselves.

Please take the time to check out all of the amazing photographs.

“The photographs are the property of the Library of Congress and were included in a 2006 exhibit Bound for Glory: America in Color.”

These innovators clearly know how to savor the coloUrs of life!

Reading the front page of the New York Times today, I read of Louise Bourgeois’ passing.  She lived a full life.  May I be so lucky to see my 98th birthday and accomplish half.  I am grateful to have seen her work a couple of years back at the Guggenheim.  Her stunning provocative art that won her shows at the Whitney, teaching positions at the finest schools in the country, an honorary doctorate from one of my alma maters no less, and a national medal of arts given to her by Bill Clinton are on the very short list of some of her accomplishments for her brave and intrepid work – ironicly much of it based on pain and fear.  So grateful am I for her contributions to the world of art.

Hair is part of us, it tells our stories of who we are; as much as it defines and categorizes who we are – it contains our history.  We style it to make it who we would like to be, or how we would like to be perceived as.  Sometimes life brings about changes which we have no control over – that effect our hair.  Life changes such as gray hair can either be accepted, or rejected with the use of dye.  As spoken about earlier, I’ve chosen the former.  More drastic changes are due to chemotherapy.  I have seen the profound effects this can have on one’s self-image, no longer in control over an important aspect of how one is perceived by the outside world.  Seeing a co-worker a few years ago go through the process was a huge wake up call to me as to how short and precious life is, and was among the many things that happened to me in a short period of time that became my impetus for going back to school – and I decided it would be the perfect time to grown my hair in honor of her.

After presenting my thesis on Saturday a friend said that I needed a Summer haircut,  I thought about it, and thought she might be right, and when I went on-line to remember the donation guidelines, it said no more than 5% gray – and I thought, ‘I better do this now’, I’m well on my way to 5%, if not there already.  I called the best kept secret in New York, Seiji, who works at the mid-town location of Hairmates who was available the next day  He helped me to not only have a new do and give a big donation to someone, but he helped me to metaphorically, and physically, cut out the parts of my life that I no longer need and forge ahead with a new future – all fresh and willing to start growing in a new direction.

The other night on my way home this gentleman was playing songs from Amelie; perfectly on his accordion, as if it were playing in my i Pod.  I loved how he coordinated his black and white key board (nice use of pearlescence here) and shirt.  He continued to entertain those of us waiting for the one-track G-train to come, and followed up Amelie with Bad Romance and Blondie. A little bit of heaven on the G – who would have thought?   Thank you accordion man.

Throughout the following days and weeks, I’ll post little nuggets of my thesis – but don’t forget, these items can be seen in person at the powerHouse Arena until May 9!

Here my glasses, one aspect of the full table setting:

In one of my favorite quotes by Beau Lotto “How we see is by continually re-defining normality,”  I created a table setting which provides a new reality: the application of its color is used as a metaphor that transcends into life and the environment around us.

The glasses were painted with transparent glass paint to interact with liquids while in use the design is constantly changing with its contents – its reality in constant flux.

All photos are by the very talented Stas Komarovski.

By The Sea by Jasper Johns is now on view at the Acquavella Galleries.  Can’t wait to see it in person.

I will miss many things when I depart Pratt, but colorful desk decorating I will miss the most.

At last my natural grey streak is fashionable on its own accord.  Yesterday’s New York Times says, so it must be true! (I do hope you read a little sarcasm in that.)  My grey is the real deal, but I have been asked if it has been placed intentionally no, it has not.  This is yet another example of the real fake trend that I’ve been posting about.  (It almost deserves its own blog!)

Like they say at Pratt, “Be true to your work and your work will be true to you.” In that sense I have been true to myself and myself has been true to me.  I am not falsifying my look, except with the bit of color I apply to my face daily.