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I did this drawing about a year ago, maybe more, not signed, not dated, I always liked it, I am often drawing in pencil, as I like the quality and variation in line and color. This sketch was a quick thought process, and it just flowed out, no pencil lines first, just one right after the other, simple, flat with a personality that conveys more. Enjoy!


Available at AREAWARE from Fort Standard. I love these, their shape, where they are already a little bit worn gives the illusion they are a hand-me down from your favorite aunt or uncle from their child hood. The perfect blend of vintage-modern.

Here is a stop- motion ‘how it’s made’ video. So cute, I want to have them all.

<p><a href=”″>Balancing Blocks</a> from <a href=””>Part &amp; Parcel</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Maria Christina Belluccia has beautifully transformed Prismacolor pencils into colorful wearable sculpture.  Her use of the rainbow and concentrations on color gradients is truly stunning.  I love the up-cycle, and the modification of the pencils stubs, with less material we are able to see more color, and need to take a closer look at what we are really seeing to fully appreciate the little works of art.

[via Ecouterre via Klimt02 via Maria Christina Belluccia ]

Finding this video compelled me to share it.  If not for the exemplary talent and inspiration with the mix of colorful synthetic sign language, but to increase the views of this talented artist.  I see so many of the popular videos and don’t really understand the fascination with sub-par talent.  Here with under 50,000 views, it is just waiting and ready to go viral.

Enjoy the colors to be found today!

via YAY! EVERYDAY by Chris Glass

via You Don’t Even Know.

via Likeadesigner on Flicker, check out this one too.

The skies were just so beautiful and blue yesterday in SOHO. See the reflections of the clouds on the windows?  Dreamy!

This delightful piece, by Michiel Cornelissen was available at the Model Citizens show last week.  I love it.  If I were to own one, I would need two, one for tones of blue and one for shades in the red, pinks and purples.

oh well

I will miss many things when I depart Pratt, but colorful desk decorating I will miss the most.