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Self proclaimed Color Maven and student of life moved to New York City at age eighteen to study at the Fashion Institute of Technology.  After almost ten years in the fashion industry she wanted to make a greater impact in the world of design and a lesser impact on the environment.  For the past three years she has been studying in the Master’s of Industrial Design program at Pratt Institute, where she has been able to hone her holistic approach to design.  She aspires to be ambidextrous and practices daily while brushing her teeth with her left hand.

This blog looks at color as it has been used and applied over history and how that contrasts with how we use and view color today.

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  1. I designed the interior of a Children’s ENT office in NY and produced colorful 24” sq animal pictures on the walls. These animals have re-colored ears noses and throats. I think it is my favorite non residential job I’ve ever worked on. It puts the kids at ease and takes their minds off why they are there. Power of color.
    go to GALLERY then to sub page – Children’s ENT Office (on right hand side)

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