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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Goals in life now include:

1. Learning to tango

2. Owning a dress in the colors of the woman in this video.

3. Finding a man to tango with

4. traveling to cool and colorful places to tango.

(also reminds me of the strategic color placements in costumes and scenery of the Umbrellas of Cherborg – check out the trailer!)


First there was this..

and then this…

and then this…

and then the second video peeps were here…

I am mostly interested in the first video, for their almost use of Albers, none the less, super colorful and creative spirit, and well edited video.


The power of color in the form of lighting and makeup to change, morph and create. Stunning.

Which came first? The stance or the leg? Photoshop? Who knows!?

(I know, I know, it’s not really anything to do with color, unless you are looking at Angelin’as skinny white legs in contrast with her black dress) – It’s just too good not to post.