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As usual I am a little behind – but this idea I’ve been sitting with since I saw this collection on 9 I’m not even a huge Chanel fan, but an entire collection out of my favorite collection!?  Wow.  I’ve mashed it up here looks, literally side by side to create another form of inspiration and additional 30- some looks.  Enjoy!


  1. the stewardesses are just as floaty and warpy and vertical and leggy and blue& white and as much an out-of-sync-symphony as the ikats. a continuous stream of bueishness. your ikats look like long gowns with constricted bodices with the unwovern warps floating down lusciously. glad you captured and recorded them in this evolving state. maybe you won’t weave them all up into a thing.


  2. Wow, Carolyn, you are SO right! Thank you for always seeing more in my work than I do!

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