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The best thing I saw today was a glass jar.  Living in New York we see all sorts of things, homeless relieving themselves on the sidewalk, men dressed all in white handing out $100 bills, messengers on bikes sweeping through lanes of traffic high on pot, etc, etc.   Today while getting a hot soup, I saw a man hand a glass jar over to the counter person at Bread and Butter.  Such a simple and easy thing to do!  He is saving hundreds of unnecessary styrofoam bowls from the land fill, and maybe form being made. I noticed he did not take plastic utensils, or a bag. Great inspiration for the first day back at work in the new year.  I’ve put a link at the beginning of the post in the hopes you are inspired to purchase for your entire office.


  1. Dear Color Maven:

    The posts for 2010 were great! Bravo!
    January’s atmospheric field of light in “soon we’ll be found” was magical….
    Loved the Delaunay Show and the knit suit (color/texture/shape to the max) (was it put into production?)
    And October’s black and blue and white and red Occupy days post was umber with glowing phosphors..

    And the start of 2011 with against the grain and a clean slate were a perfect beginning.

    Keep the colours coming.

  2. Thank you for reading and encouragement. New Year’s resolution will be to post more…I’lm hoping once a week at the least.

    All the best,
    Ms. Scully 🙂

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