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Maria Christina Belluccia has beautifully transformed Prismacolor pencils into colorful wearable sculpture.  Her use of the rainbow and concentrations on color gradients is truly stunning.  I love the up-cycle, and the modification of the pencils stubs, with less material we are able to see more color, and need to take a closer look at what we are really seeing to fully appreciate the little works of art.

[via Ecouterre via Klimt02 via Maria Christina Belluccia ]



  1. These are amazing!! Great idea!

  2. pretty cool. i’ve had some similar ideas but on a larger scale. the jewelry is nice.

  3. Thanks for the comments.
    @ Lesley – your blog looks wonderful!
    @Gillis, I would love to see what you make on a larger scale, shall I start sending you my pencil stubs?

    • yes, but they would have to be at least a couple inches long (not including sharpened end) to be viable.

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