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Monthly Archives: January 2011

The image screams green, but when I continued to read I found the sad truth of the many ways that being green or eco for many is still just a trend that they do not take too seriously.  No, a clothing line is not good for the environmental if the models only have flowers in their hands while walking down the runway.  No, multiple materials from all over the world to make one design is no environmentally friendly, and more importantly I don’t think one is a good designer if one feels restricted to use of materials in your own back yard.

Yes, Budapest, you clearly have come a long way since I was there in 1994, but you have so much farther to come – and I also realize how much education is still needed, here and elsewhere in the world.

[via core 77 via cafe babel]

Maria Christina Belluccia has beautifully transformed Prismacolor pencils into colorful wearable sculpture.  Her use of the rainbow and concentrations on color gradients is truly stunning.  I love the up-cycle, and the modification of the pencils stubs, with less material we are able to see more color, and need to take a closer look at what we are really seeing to fully appreciate the little works of art.

[via Ecouterre via Klimt02 via Maria Christina Belluccia ]

Finding this video compelled me to share it.  If not for the exemplary talent and inspiration with the mix of colorful synthetic sign language, but to increase the views of this talented artist.  I see so many of the popular videos and don’t really understand the fascination with sub-par talent.  Here with under 50,000 views, it is just waiting and ready to go viral.

Enjoy the colors to be found today!