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Monthly Archives: September 2010

Le Corbusier might best be known for his sleek modern interiors of the early 20th century, of which he is forever indebted to Charlotte Perriand. His genius building structure, with the use of Fibbinochi numbers and the golden section needs little explication, here.  However, now he is a bit better known for his exquisite choice of colors, where in the New York Times, Alice Rawsthorn is quoted, “Ever the control freak, he specified exactly how Salubra should group the colors together to indicate which ones could be combined.”

A control freak, yes I’m sure he was.  But the combination of colors is everything, and is best used with educated eyes.  The difference in a change out of one color in a combination can visually make or break something.


I came home to a little collection of Ground Cherries, also known as Physalis. I have never experienced them before, and am happy now say that I have.  They are little round fruits in varying colors from a pale mustard yellow to a ripe melon green.  They have a precious packaging delicately wrapping the fruit in a form similar to a Chinese Lantern.  The flavor is a cross between a tomato and a kiwi in my opinion, cherry-like in size only.