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Monthly Archives: June 2010

And so I did.


The skies were just so beautiful and blue yesterday in SOHO. See the reflections of the clouds on the windows?  Dreamy!

Maybe some of you have noticed that I have a slight decrease in my postings over the past couple of days.  It is because I’ve started a new endeavor with Eliza Starbuck, the creator of the famous Uniform Project Dress!  I have vowed to a thirty-day Bright Young Thing wear-a-thon.  Today is day seven for me and I’m having a great time wearing all sorts of things that have gotten little to no attention for over three years since the inception of Graduate School.  It is now time to get back to celebrating dressing on a daily basis.  Today is one of my most colorful yet, and therefore is the proper opportunity to share it on this blog!

Details about my clothing are on my post today, but here I thought I’d share with you the colorful cosmetics that I’d applied today:

Eyes: Make-up Forever eyeliner in bright blue 3L, black and chunky crayon 10P.  Topped with Star Power 90947 and Onyx Black mascara from Clinique.

Lips: Chili lipstick by M.A.C Cosmetics.

Cheeks: ever so slightly brushed with bare Minerals blush 30862.

Face: brushed with Super Mate loose powder by Make-up Forever.

I love Tuesday’s section of the New York Times!  Science is colorful! The article makes me want to make a huge sculpture replication of butterfly scales.  The connection to the varied colors on butterfly wings and new discoveries in optics – amazing!

Girl celebrating her love of bees!

Me, dressed for the occasion of Bee-Day at the Botanical Gardens in Brooklyn

The lovely Queen Bee with a vivid blue center!

The unafraid bee keeper showing us his bees at work.

Honey, honey, honey!

Sumac, grown just upstate, has a lovely bitter-sweet taste, just make sure it is red to taste!  The poisonous ones are green and white!  (Best not to est them at all if you are color blind! Oh my!)

A pineapple grown in Brooklyn!

Green roof tops can be so full of color!

Can you believe this grows on a roof top in Brooklyn?

More bee-hives!

Days such as yesterday are the days that follow meandering paths, discovering the beauty of your own backyard – when all of Brooklyn is considered one’s backyard, and is full of colors to savor.  The weather was amazing, and before venturing out for the day I received in the mail my long-awaited limited first-run edition of the LBD from The Uniform Project, designed by Eliza Starbuck for her line bright Young things.  I quickly changed attire to Lady Gaga’s new video Alejandro from old cropped cargo pants to the cute bee-inspired ensemble as seen in the second photo above.

A leisurely stroll up to the Botanical Gardens brought us to Bee Day.  A celebrated event where there were bee-lovers of all kinds.  Some dressed as the lovely creature that brings us great sweetness, and others paying tribute in song, jewelry, and those sharing their love for the process of bee keeping itself.  It has been years since I have had the opportunity to enjoy such an extraordinary adventure – even within walking distance of my home.  I had no idea that such lovely things grew in Brooklyn.

Later on, venturing to a Williamsburg BBQ, we again, went out beyond the confines of the festivities below to the “green” roof top that was full of color that is designed to catch grey water and is also was a home a bee hive!  The images of the plants are in constant flux and growth stages over the year and will change color and size.  I hope to have the opportunity to see what Autumn brings!

Ending the perfect day I enjoyed the sun setting as the blue, green and yellow lights of the Empire State building lit up, eating a fresh grilled Portobello mushroom sandwich, and making new friends.  Yup, I savored the colors of life yesterday!

These innovators clearly know how to savor the coloUrs of life!

Governor’s Island can’t get enough great art.  In addition to No Longer Empty, LMCC has found room for 20 artists in Building 110 on the island.  A couple of artists are borderline design research (great for industrial designers to check out their presentation) and many resorted to using twigs as a medium – seems to be a trend these days.

One work stood out above the rest – a full room installation, by Jong Il Ma delicately handled wood stained in playful colors bound together with twine.  The twine was dyed from the left over wood paint allowing for natural color variations on different mediums and making use of materials in a sustainable way.  The results are unique, unexpected and invite the viewer to linger about the room.

These artists only have their spaces until the end of July, so hurry, have a chat with the artists about their work, bring a bit of food for a picnic, and savor the colors of life!

Picnicking on Governor’s Island is one of quickest ways any New Yorker can feel like they are away from it all.  It’s the perfect place to rent a bike, or come with your own, a blanket and a basket of food.  The food remains in limited quality and variety.  Each Summer it seems that more and more is happening there since it re-opened to the public a few years ago.  This year we owe a great bit of thanks to an organization called No Longer Empty.  They have curated a show called The Sixth Borough that takes up Colonels Row in some of the old houses, which are now, no longer empty.  The diverse works are bought together with the concept to consume vacant space in areas of New York City that offer renewed foot traffic, and business opportunities to the communities while providing artists, established and emerging, the opportunity to show work.  The site-specific work that results is unexpected and optimistic.  Although not very specifically about color I found them interesting and important to write about.  The work is there for the Summer, so go, plan on spending the day, and you will likely want to return again and again.

The works shown in the photos (all taken by me) above, in order are:

Ameila Biewald – black and ivory colored sculpted forms from fireplace to fireplace with use of the molding as a repeated print delicately placed on top giving a sense of belonging representing the amount of soot and ashes that must have accumulated there during the time of its use.

Alan Michelson, who used plaster white on ecru painted walls that hinted at the vegetation and inhabitants of the land when the houses were lived in by Colonels.

The mirror trees are by Wendy Wischer.  The light reflected upon the painted and wooden surfaces in the space are delightful, however, I longed for forms that has been given more thought – although as my art historian friend was quick to point out that I am a designer and the art was not about the form, but about what it was saying.  The light refractions on the exposed wall are indeed the best combination of lighting and texture.

Trong Gia Nquyen has three pieces in the show, all with a wit of humor and irony, here is a close up on his full room installation which includes an American flag with the words subtly stating “Help Me,” framed photos of hands in Hitler-style-saluting, and a recording where one can hear a class continuously re-stating the Pledge of Allegiance to the American flag, without using the word ‘God.’

Kaarina Kaikkonen whose work I was quite excited to see, a room full of blue and white shirts displayed in varying color gradients from white to blue.

Andrea Mastrovito who had work in the MAD show earlier this year, has again proved his skills in paper, this time with books displaying the natural habitats of the island, flowers, birds, butterflies, and a few domestic creatures too, cats.  Pop-up books gone wild.  I think children will have a  hard time to not frolic in his stunning fantasy land.  In fact my friend was quick to plunk herself down in front of the display for a photo-op.

Vadis Turner (last two photographs) uses color and daily products in unexpected ways.  Pastel birth control pills become sugar garnishes, and tampons chocolate frosting, and nude, beige and brown knee-highs become flowers to decorate celebratory cakes.

Savor the colors of life!

I am almost rendered speechless. It is one thing when someone of a great age who passes, it is quite another when someone who is nearly a year older than you and have met passes.  Greatest of sympathy goes out to his family and loved ones who knew him, and not just his work, as I knew of him.

With great respect R.I.P. Tobias Wong.

Reading the front page of the New York Times today, I read of Louise Bourgeois’ passing.  She lived a full life.  May I be so lucky to see my 98th birthday and accomplish half.  I am grateful to have seen her work a couple of years back at the Guggenheim.  Her stunning provocative art that won her shows at the Whitney, teaching positions at the finest schools in the country, an honorary doctorate from one of my alma maters no less, and a national medal of arts given to her by Bill Clinton are on the very short list of some of her accomplishments for her brave and intrepid work – ironicly much of it based on pain and fear.  So grateful am I for her contributions to the world of art.