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Monthly Archives: May 2010

I can’t help myself.  But I just LOVE the colors this new re-design of the BP logo.  May all your travels this weekend (somehow) be petroleum free.

New Logo as seen on Greenpeace via Gawker.


Work above by Byron Kim as shown at the MOMA in 2008.

Today I walked to and from my Clinton Hill apartment to Atlantic Center.  About a twenty-minute walk.  On any normal day it is a most convenient commute that I enjoy by foot.  Today was not a normal day.  It is never a normal day the first scorching hot day of the year in New York City.  As I walked, I momentarily forgot that I had chopped off my hair that used to cover my neck, but the sun quickly reminded me that I had forgotten sunscreen, even on my face, a ritual I rarely forget.  I thought about all the skin tones my body might endure during the time of this walk.  My Irish freckles were becoming more apparent before my very eyes to a darker more prominent brown.  My shoulders a rosy shade of pink.  I know it’s shade by the feeling of it before I even see it, when I raise my arm and the shoulder skin wrinkles and has that tingly and dry feeling, then I know it’s pink before I even look at it.

I remembered the painting above that I’d seen at the MOMA two years ago by Byron Kim which consists of 265 panels of color – an exploration of one persons skin colors.  This stunning study begs of us never to categorize or label ourselves by skin color alone, we are simply much more than meets the (untrained) eye.  However, I’m equipped with sunscreen for tomorrow, in the advent of more pretty, but uncomfortable colors.

Into one of my new bowls, of course!  I just love how they have maintained their vivid color!

In a study of ten cultures red can take on the meaning of anger, beauty, courage, danger, desire, energy, erotic, excitement, fertility, good luck, happiness, heat, love, marriage, passion, power, radicalism, repels evil, strength and success.  For Buddhists it holds protective qualities. My interpretation of the Buddhist significance, is that it embodies all of the other cultures beliefs.  In one way or another it would be wise for us to protect ourselves from, danger, or to protect our strength – should we try to exercise it in a wrong manner, or to protect our love, the love of one’s self or the love of others, etc..

Ever since I knew about Diana Vreeland, fashion icon who started the costume institute at the Metropolitan Museum in New York, I have admired her.  She lived each day among red and adorned herself not only in clothing and accessories of red, but also in pasty thick cosmetics of various shades of red, her signature color.  She was fabulous, and so it is no wonder that her blood relatives might also offer enlightenment in this lofty color.  I was pleasantly surprised to read about her grandson (above) who has pursued a life as well in red, but for very different reasons.

Red, a color I have been opposed to for many years is creeping back into life and importance.  Red allows us to cross cultures, travel time, and can define who we are.

This delightful piece, by Michiel Cornelissen was available at the Model Citizens show last week.  I love it.  If I were to own one, I would need two, one for tones of blue and one for shades in the red, pinks and purples.

As design week came to a close, blogs all over the world have upload the newest and coolest of what is available over the past week.  Connections and deals have been made.  Aspiring designers have their work in cool shops, like The Future Perfect or MOMA Design Store – or better yet, have been picked up by larger companies to be produced.

Preemptively, under the conscious of Alfred D. Souza, who one of our commencement speakers  reminded us of, (I wish I had stuck a pencil in the huge sleeves of the gown! )  I cherished each of the moments with my friends, many of us will soon part ways, and danced when I could, gave my love to all, it was heaven and there was no tomorrow – even on the eve of my graduation, where I attended my favorite show of all, Breakable. I uploaded lots of photos to Core 77’s flicker site. Photos of friends in funny designer glasses, met many people, have lots of colorful business cards, and am completely overwhelmed with wanting to start now for work for next year’s shows.

Besides the many faces that my camera captured, in the love of color, it also captured the photos above of the awesome blue carpeting at ICFF. The first is of the lovely neon manicure of Alecia Wesner (she said I could photographer her feet for my blog).  Everything thing about her dress, and persona was beautifully complimented by the vivid carpet.

On the way out of ICFF, I saw this other chair made of chartreuse microfiber, by Kenneth Cobonpue.  I love how the abstraction of color made the modernist surroundings.  Pretty amazing how the variances in lighting throughout the Javits Center, and distance of  my camera from the subject resulted in two completely different blues.  The reality I will likely never know, but my memories will make it my favorite color, ever.

Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

Dance, like no one is watching you.

Love, like you’ve never been hurt before.

Sing, like no one can here you.

Work, like you don’t need money.

Live, like heaven is on earth.
Alfred De Souza

I didn’t even know such awards were given, but I had a great sense on Sunday that I’m bound for bigger things in my future – Benjamin Moore offers lifetime achievement awards for those who show fearless work in color.  Although, I am not an architect or an Interior designer, but am someone who aspires to have a lifetime of color.  Wonder how I can get tickets?  Diamond Baratta is being honored this year.

Photo above as seen on The New York Times style page, work of Olaf Nicolai above.  I love how the ovoid holes in the sofa offer a way to focus on a few of the colors of the full palette.  Beautiful!

Thank you to my friends who brought me out to ReBar last night for my birthday and surprised me with these lovely blue roses!

A friend just sent me this image.  I’m a bit speechless, they are so beautiful, and anyone who knows me, knows why I think they are the most stunning thing to cross my path in a while. Designed by Eva Milinkovic and available exclusively by Tsunami Glassworks Incorporated.

Hair is part of us, it tells our stories of who we are; as much as it defines and categorizes who we are – it contains our history.  We style it to make it who we would like to be, or how we would like to be perceived as.  Sometimes life brings about changes which we have no control over – that effect our hair.  Life changes such as gray hair can either be accepted, or rejected with the use of dye.  As spoken about earlier, I’ve chosen the former.  More drastic changes are due to chemotherapy.  I have seen the profound effects this can have on one’s self-image, no longer in control over an important aspect of how one is perceived by the outside world.  Seeing a co-worker a few years ago go through the process was a huge wake up call to me as to how short and precious life is, and was among the many things that happened to me in a short period of time that became my impetus for going back to school – and I decided it would be the perfect time to grown my hair in honor of her.

After presenting my thesis on Saturday a friend said that I needed a Summer haircut,  I thought about it, and thought she might be right, and when I went on-line to remember the donation guidelines, it said no more than 5% gray – and I thought, ‘I better do this now’, I’m well on my way to 5%, if not there already.  I called the best kept secret in New York, Seiji, who works at the mid-town location of Hairmates who was available the next day  He helped me to not only have a new do and give a big donation to someone, but he helped me to metaphorically, and physically, cut out the parts of my life that I no longer need and forge ahead with a new future – all fresh and willing to start growing in a new direction.