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Karim Rashid has done it again- making colorful bubbly shapes that are for the greater good.  Color choices CMYK inspired?

I see these as great alternatives to Sigg bottles.  One, they are produced here in the U.S., and two, they are light as easy to transport.  Carrying around a Sigg can be really heavy and taxing on your back.  They also offer a filtration system- excellent!

Alright, then, I’ve just purchased one, in, you guessed it, blue.  I should have it in about 10 days- come back and I’ll post images of it in use!



  1. I’m sorry but I have to call BS on this product. To many reasons to list here. But suffice it say this appears to be another instance of green-washing.

  2. yes, you are right Dobie, but I was trying to keep a positive note. They get and A for marketing, and a B- in effort, and, no I wasn’t loving the colors either.

    Thank you for the reality check.

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