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Sometimes there is a color so beautiful it is perfect on its own.  This is almost one.  Above is a color study I did with Windsor Newton perylene black with different levels of permanent white added to create this gradient.  I didn’t even realize how many colors I was making, I simply enjoyed each color as it became a deeper shade, until it became black.  I made many more ‘grays’ than with the other blacks, jet, ivory and lamp, so I am leaving it here so that it can be enjoyed alone- beside white.  It is without comparison.



  1. It’s a beautiful color. I never knew the name, but now I do. I’ve been using a similar color as a backdrop for 3-d renderings because it makes many colors, warm AND cool look beautiful. Thank you for sharing such a nice color and making me stop and smell the perylenes.

    • Thanks Richard, look forward to seeing your renderings! I do love the smell of Gouache!

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